The French photographer and street artist JR is in the process of disguising the Louvre’s famous glass pyramid. Designed by IM Pei and opened in 1989, the pyramid that serves as the iconic entrance to the Louvre is now all but hidden. The astonishing optical illusion is achieved by enveloping the pyramid with an enormous paper photograph of the museum.

Visitors approaching the museum, and arriving from the right direction, will think that the pyramid has disappeared. The work is a response to the huge controversy and dislike that greeted IM Pei’s design when it was first unveiled in 1989. Many believed that the project was an eyesore and a waste of public money.  

JR, keeps his actual identity secret, and has stated that the street “is the largest art gallery in the world.” JR won the Ted Prize in 2011 and used the $100,000 award money to start the Inside Out Project.