Juan Uslé

Biography of Juan Uslé

Juan Uslé (born 1954 in Santander, ES) is a Spanish painter who studied fine art at Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes in Valencia. He is well known for his subtle use of color and the discontinuous brushstrokes of his abstract art. The latter can be observed in his dark paintings called Soñé que Revelabas (I dreamed that you appear). As he once observed: "I move the brush and press down until the next heartbeat occurs. I try to follow a sequential rhythm […], the result varies on how calm or rapid my pulse is." With this method, Uslé produces pure, personal, contemplative, prayer-like works, fusing calm and expressionistic action. He views Soñé que Revelabas as a family rather than a series and makes them out of a necessity to grow and look at his life with greater distance and intensity.
In earlier works, Uslé has used bright layers of saturated color, almost kaleidoscopic in appearance. Several lithographs and digital prints are available. Juan Uslé lives and works in Spain and New York. His oeuvre can be looked at in terms of bridging the Spanish-baroque picture emphasis with the intellectual serenity of the United States' art scene.

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