Marco Poloni

Biography of Marco Poloni

Marco Poloni (born 1962 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) lives and works in Berlin. His practice explores the entrenched relationship of mass-media photography and spans cinema, photography, installation, and text-based work. His imagery draws a viewer into a narrative only to leave him oscillating between reality and a fiction mediated by the camera.


Over the last several years, Marco Poloni has been building an index of plots, problems, and tropes of the Mediterranean. This collected archive of documents reformulates and expands a number of geopolitical scripts and site-specific anthropological narratives while focusing on the relationship between social invisibility and power, subjectivity and ideology, individual action and political change.


Marco Poloni is interested in subjects who are made invisible by circumstance or who choose to evade social entanglement in the attempt to forge new pathways. This investigation results in work that narrows in on contemporary history producing expansive and highly poetic imagery.


Marco Poloni has been awarded the Swiss Art Award three times, in 1997, 2000 and 2001, and was one of the artists representing Switzerland at the 2005 Venice Biennale.

Available Works: 4