fineartmultiple's first TV commercial is finally out! Watch Ben Becker redecorating his living room with a rather innovative fire extinguisher, turning his drab old-fashioned abode into a gleaming contemporary interior to finally hang a magnificent piece by renowned contemporary artist Thomas Ruff in pride of place above the sofa.





fineartmultiple is breaking new ground by making contemporary fine art the subject of a TV commercial. To be broadcast in the DACH countries over 600 times, fineartmultiple's TV Spot—to be premiered on the ProSiebenSat.1 Media Channels on April 29th—will feature the iconic German actor Ben Becker. Here is a first look at our Making Of.

To shoot and produce the commercial fineartmultiple has solicited the help of Berlin’s award winning Fox Devil Films (Glenn Bernstein). Under the experienced hand of Director Sandin Puce—who has previously produced adverts for Mercedes Benz and SWISS—the entire shoot went like clockwork. Using two cinemascope Arriflex cameras and with a team of over 30 people, the crew did fantastically. Not only is this the first time in European advertising history that contemporary art is being advertised on television, but moreover fineartmultiple executed this complex production without the conceptual support of an advertising agency. 

Director Sandin Puce preparing a close up shot of Friederike Frerichs who plays Ben Becker's mother. Image: © Petrov Ahner

The commercial begins calmly. A hilariously dressed Ben Becker sits beside his mother in a dreary living room. Behind them on the wall hangs a saccharine image of two kittens. 

Mother and son enjoying a thrilling cat documentary. Image: © Petrov Ahner

To the jarring sounds of the cuckoo clock, Becker surveys the dull room around him. Dismayed by what he sees he has an idea. Returning seconds later with a fire extinguisher and an evil glint in his eyes—below is what happens. 

Friederike Frerichs gets gunked by the film crew. Image: © Petrov Ahner

Over his horrorstruck mother, the cat portrait on the wall, over the stifling domestic hell, Ben Becker explodes in a frenzy of frustration. Screaming incoherently and hurling the empty fire extinguisher into the corner, he finally frees himself from his banal existence. The faded wallpaper, the tiled coffee table, everywhere is suddenly glistening white.

The calm after the storm. Image: © Petrov Ahner

The highly professional camera crew endured being splattered with white paint and working with cameras covered in cellophane. Ben Becker’s personal assistant, Marike, was always on hand to provide a cigarette—she ensured that our star actor was comfortable during the long and arduous shoot. 

Ben Becker joins fineartmultiple's Chief Curator Nina Koidl and Founder Roman Maria Koidl to view the footage. Image: © Petrov Ahner

In the stillness that follows, Ben Becker raises an Ipad featuring fineartmultiple's new fineartApp which enables you to flip through thousands of original artworks by the greatest artists of the day and preview them directly onto your wall. A simple swipe of the hand, a click of the buy button, and you can purchase any artwork to suit your (newly decorated) home.
 Stills taken straight from the TV commercial. Images: Courtesy of Fox Devil Films.

With the original artwork already hanging on the wall, Ben Becker and his mother find themselves back where they started, sitting on their now white sofa. 

The mother, played brilliantly by Friederike Frerichs, still mildly traumatized and blinded by the white paint covering her glasses. The original artwork from Thomas Ruff's jpegs II series fits perfectly in the contemporary splendour of their new living room. Image: © Petrov Ahner

The mother nods appreciatively at the original Thomas Ruff artwork. Smacking his knees in glee, Ben Becker settles down in his resplendent new room.  

Preparations on set. Roman Maria Koidl with Director Sandin Puce. Image: © Petrov Ahner

The production was accompanied by a Making Of film directed by Maximilian Duwe which will also be broadcast on the ProSiebenSat.1 Media Channels on April 29th, giving insights into this first ever contemporary fine art commerical. 

Roman Maria Koidl and Nina Koidl discussing the last scene. Image: © Petrov Ahner

To avoid your own Ben Becker breakdown you can download fineartmultiple's new fineartApp at the App store and preview original contemporary artworks in your home.  

fineartmultiple would like to extend their warmest thanks to actors Ben Becker and Friederike Frerichs; Glenn Bernstein, Sandin Puce, and Felix Vollmar from Fox Devil Films; Making Of film Director Maximilian Duwe; and on-set photographer Petrov Ahner.