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Biography of Claudia Comte

Berlin-based Swiss artist Claudia Comte (b. 1983) is known for her playful large-scale wooden sculptures and site-specific installations. Although almost whimsical seeming, they are in fact carefully measured and laboriously crafted by Comte. Once she has established the dimensions and proportions a work should have, she sources the wood from her hometown Grancy in the hills of Switzerland, and after tackling it with a chainsaw, refines and polishes it into the finished piece. Comte works in many mediums besides wood, and while most of her work is created for a specific home, usually accessible to the public, she produces exceptional graphic work. Sharp abstract forms are carefully composed in black and white or vibrant colors on delicate sheets.


Comte grew up removed from the art world, surrounded by idyllic nature and a family of practical and hard workers. It was only at university, during her studies in educational science and visual art that she begun interacting with the field, though still with the intention of becoming a teacher. Recognized early on by the curator Neville Wakefield for her striking visual sensibility and unique artistic practice, he included her in an exhibition at the prestigious Gladstone Gallery, where she swiftly became the youngest artist in their roster.


Claudia Comte’s works feature in notable international permanent collections, including the Nationale Suisse Art Collection, the Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation in LA and the Fondation Salomon Art Contemporain in France. She has been invited to participate in many group exhibitions, at the MUDAM in Luxemburg, König Galerie in Berlin and the Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich, amongst others. Comte was awarded the Swiss Art Award in 2015 and amongst numerous public installations, most notable is her work NOW I WON in the Messeplatz at Art Basel in 2017.

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