Jimmie Durham

Biography of Jimmie Durham

Active in both the American Indian Movement and in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, Jimmie Durham fuses his artistic practice with a keen political activism. Durham's incisive works draw on his Cherokee roots, probing and questioning Western hegemonic values and perspectives in order to offer alternative narratives and modes of reflection. Stone plays a central role in his art, used often as a destructive force. Boulders are used to crush cars and rocks are used to quite literally "stone" a refrigerator, acts of nature triumphing over the manmade technology of the West as well as alluding to—and questioning the validity of—ancient Christian rituals.


Born in Arkansas in 1940, Jimmie Durham has exhibited widely in internationally renowned institutions including the Serpentine Gallery, London, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and the Musée d'Art de la ville de Paris, amongst many others. He has also shown work at the Venice Biennale, documenta, and the Whitney Biennial. Durham lives and works in Berlin. 

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