John Chamberlain

Biography of John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain (born 1927 in Indiana, US, died 2011 in New York City, US) was an american painter, sculptor and film director who can be assigned to Abstract Expressionism and Noveau Réalisme. Chamberlain is generally considered as a pioneer of the junk art movement and already began to produce his large-scale sculptures in the 1950s. With materials such as rusted car body parts, rubber tires or decommissioned motors, the artist produced oversized constructions that are reminiscent of organic creatures like animals, plants or human bodies. With the help of a special welding technique, he transformed paintings into sculptures and created works such as Schizoverbia (1994) and Loard Suckfist (1989), whereby the lines between image and object became frequently blurred. In the 1970s, Chamberlain started to work with print graphics and since then he has produced a variety of silkscreen prints and drawings, for instance the etching Time Goes By, Purple Disappears (1987). In his prints, the artist transposed dynamic color abstractions from his sculptures to two-dimensional surfaces.

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