Biography of Linder

Emerging from the Manchester underground punk scene of the 1970s, radical feminist Linder is best known for her collages fusing male pornographic material with snippets from women's household magazines. Her iconic cover design for the Buzzcocks' single Orgasm Addict from 1977, featuring a nude oiled-up woman sporting an iron for a head and perfectly lipsticked mouths instead of nipples, caused a sensation. 


Known for her extreme gender politics, Linder is notorious for having performed in 1982 in a dress made entirely of raw meat and, just as the concert reached its apex, revealing the enormous black dildo she was wearing underneath—fake meat contrasting with real meat. Stating that she could already deconstruct the male gaze aged just five, Linder's protest against women being objectified, paired with her appropriation of the key symbol of male domination, is a potent cry for female emancipation and recognition.


Dissecting the discourses of gender and erotics, Linder's work renders complex sexual politics in compositions of striking visual clarity. Born in 1954, Linder continues to produce incisive and sexually explicit collages, stating that "I'll still be ordering hardcore animal porn, or whatever, till I'm 90."


A musician as well as an artist, Linder's eclectic circle of friends includes The Smiths vocalist Steven Morrisey, Buzzcocks' lead singer Howard Trafford, and Sex Pistols specialist Jon Savage, many of which contributed essays to a monograph entitled Linder Works 1976-2006, published in 2006. Linder has had major retrospectives at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and at Kestnergesellschaft Hannover in 2013. She was also awarded the third Latitude Contemporary Art prize for her Stringed Figure (Octobass for the 21st Century) (Version I) in 2012 and completed a residency program at the renowned Tate St Ives between 2013 and 2014. 

Available Works: 2