Marc Brandenburg

Biography of Marc Brandenburg

Marc Brandenburg (born 1965 in Berlin, Germany) is a German artist, internationally acclaimed for his trademark pencil drawings. The drawings are based on his own documentary-style photographs, through which he captures the weird, wonderful, and often disturbing world around him. The eccentricities of close friends frequently feature in these images, in addition to varying forms of nonconformity and fanaticism, with a particular focus on the “outsider”. Thus his subject matter has ranged hugely—from depictions of football hooliganism, to Neo-Nazis, or the ostracized homeless. The primary feature of these distinctive images is the effect of light and dark brought about by the artist’s transposition of black-and-white, creating the illusion of a photographic negative. Defined by the artist as “basically the negative counterpart to the white cube”, Brandenburg is attempting to refocus attention on the artworks themselves.

Marc Brandenburg’s work has been included in numerous international exhibitions, most notably in the Kunsthalle Hamburg and the Harlem Studio Museum in New York. It is also a feature of a number of significant collections, such as MoMA New York, Deutsche Bank, and the Kupferstich Kabinett, Berlin. Honors include the renowned Karl Ströher Prize.

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