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Biography of Marilyn Minter

Provocative, glamorous and unsettling, the artworks of Marilyn Minter explore the seedy underbelly of the fashion world, and the paranoias and insecurities that exist in our unspoken desires. Nobody, according to Minter, has politically correct “fantasies.” Often focusing-in on make-up decorated eyes, glossy lips, and feet, Marilyn Minter explores the source of glamor, drawing on the aesthetics of consumerism to unearth its disturbing side.


Born in 1948 in Louisiana, her earliest works were photorealistic paintings made in the 1970s and 80s, and centered on representations of women and their work in popular culture. She caused a great controversy in 1989 with her series Porn Grids, consisting of large-scale paintings of hardcore pornography. The critical backlash against these more explicitly sexual works led Minter to examine the source of the publics’ disquiet, focusing on the sexualized imagery in popular culture and the fashion world.


Marilyn Minter reveals imperfections and zeroes-in on the relentless exploitation of the female form as a driver of consumerism. Highlighting the contrast between photoshopped glamor and beauty, and the spit, dirt, sweat of everyday reality.


Marilyn Minter has had numerous high-profile solo exhibitions, including at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2005, the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego in 2010, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland that same year. Highly-esteemed, the art magazine Parkett commissioned her to create its first centerfold, which featured her longterm muse, Pamela Anderson. In 2009 she tried out movies and her film Green Pink Caviar was screened at Salon 94, Times Square and MoMA in New York. 

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