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Biography of Nathan Carter

A visual artists working primarily in sculpture and painting, Nathan Carter (born 1970 in Dallas, USA) is most recognized for his quirky titles and distinct lexicon of dynamic brightly colored lines and shapes that delicately form a balanced whole. He is nationally and internationally renowned with recent group exhibitions that include the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City (2012-2013); the Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University, Durham; and the Orange County Contemporary Art Museum, Newport Beach, CA. He has been the subject of solo exhibitions throughout the world including the cities of Houston, New York, Berlin, Guadalajara, San Antonio, Salamanca, Madrid, Basel, and Miami.

In addition to these exhibitions, Nathan Carter has worked on a number of standout projects, including the completion of a large scale permanent outdoor installation titled Houston Radio Radar Reflectors at the University of Houston, as well as participating in a joint experiment between Columbia University and NASA in 2013 whereby he was asked to paint pressure vessel capsules for EBEX, a satellite later launched into the stratosphere above Antarctica. His works are held in the permanent collections of the Tate Britain, London and the Miami Art Museum. Carter is currently based in New York City.

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