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Biography of Simon Periton

Doilies have in the past been associated with domestic, kitchen table accessories, but in the hands of Simon Periton—with his garish color palette and subversive subject matterthey have been raised to the level of social critique and social commentary. Periton utilizes this dainty Victorian art form to tackle themes from politics, nature, colonialism, and popular culture. His delicate constructs are quite unlike anything else seen in the art world, with themes including mixing William Morris and anarchy symbols, Wallis Simpson and even the English group Pulp. The artist sees his practice as "taking my scalpel for a walk", down a path covered with the debris of contemporary life. This interest in the underlying seditious potential of what is often considered the "decorative" has formed much of his working practice.

A graduate from St Martin's School of Art, Simon Periton has embarked on larger scale commissioned works, keen to take his visual ideas into urban and architectural contexts. Periton's work has been included in prominent group shows including The Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity in British Art, Tate St Ives, 2009 and he is in the permanent collections of the Hayward Gallery, London and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Simon Periton was born in Kent in 1964.

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