Simon Starling

Biography of Simon Starling

British conceptual artist Simon Starling (born 1967 in Epsom, Surrey) studied art and photography in Maidstone, Nottingham, and Glasgow. Starling is interested in design, the history as well as the consequences of global production, consumption, and transport systems. His oeuvre ranges from small to large-scale works, which often deal with the transformation of one object into another. Economic, technical, and ecological processes as well as materiality are essential elements in Starling's work.


Simon Starling won the Turner Prize in 2005 for one of his most famous pieces Shedboatshed wherein he took apart a wooden shed he found on the shores of the Rhine, built a boat of its component parts, rowed down the river to Basel and exhibited the rebuilt shed in a Swiss museum. Multiple works and editions often accompany, shape, and document his oeuvre. Simon Starling lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.

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