Antonio Asis

Biography of Antonio Asis

The geometric abstractionist and Op artist, Antonio Asis, born 1932, is finally receiving the international acclaim his work deserves. This has also coincided with an upsurge in attention for Latin American art in the last 5 years. Born in Argentina, Asis quickly showed an affiliation for the principles of design and composition under the tutelage of Héctor Cartier. The febrile environs of Buenos Aires after World War II proved to be the ideal location for Asis to hone his skills. Buenos Aires at that time was a leading site for abstraction, and Asis was able to experiment in non-representational and abstract practices.

By the mid 50s Antonio Asis had moved to Paris and was embraced by the cosmopolitan circuit of kinetic artists. Working with sculpture and photography, Asis was keen to explore the capture of light through these mediums and experimented with vibrations between colors and monochromatic compositions. Asis still lives in Paris and his work has been exhibited around the world. He was part of the show DYNAMO: A Century of Light and Movement in Art, 1939-2013, Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, France.  

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