Antonio Ballester Moreno

Biography of Antonio Ballester Moreno

Antonio Ballaster Moreno (born 1977 in Madrid, ES) is a Spanish artist who specializes in brightly colored paintings, reminiscent of the folk tradition. Ballaster Moreno's works have an intrinsically childlike quality, driven by the artist's fascination with the relationship between the artistic output of children versus adults. In discussion of his works, Ballaster Moreno has expressed his commitment to returning to the uncomplicated creativity of childhood, citing attempts by the likes of Picasso, Dubuffet, and Basquiat to simplify their works. Recurring features of his work include plants and wildlife and bold thick brushstrokes, and fluid patterns.


The artist Antonio Ballester Moreno received his degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and has already had his work included in a collection, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León. Recent solo exhibitions have taken place at Maisterravalbuena, Madrid (2013, 2011); Peres Projects Kreuzberg, Berlin (2010); Jeong Song Art Center, Seoul (2009); and Peres Projects, Los Angeles, CA (2008). Moreover he has participated in group exhibitions at The Hole, New York; Fundatión Valentìn de Madariaga y Oya, Seville; Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid; and Grimmuseum, Berlin. The artist is based in Madrid.

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