Bernard Frize

Biography of Bernard Frize

The beautifully crafted paintings of Bernard Frize are instantly recognizable and are featured in some of the world's most important collections. His appreciation of the medium of paint and its application is delicately balanced with the chromatic order of much of his output. Frize's work evokes a unique emotive response, not through artistic expressive methods but through a careful harnessing of movement and technique.

Applying a different strategy to each new series, Bernard Frize concocts rules to generate his paintings and systematically follows them until the work is finished. Deeply interested in the material qualities of his medium, Frize does not concern himself with romantic expression and has even been known to wear a blindfold to minimize the associative significance of color.

Born in 1949 in Saint-Mandé, France, Bernard Frize now divides his time between Paris and Berlin. He has produced numerous successful limited edition prints and multiples during his working practice. He has exhibited at Städel Museum in Frankfurt and is included in the Tate's permanent collection among others. 

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