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Scottish video and installation artist Douglas Gordon's (born 1966 in Glasgow, UK) work evolves around personal subjectivity, the disruption of perception, and the meaning of collecting experiences. To achieve this, Gordon works with repetitions in various forms: be it video installations or using a multiplicity of materials (e.g. monitors). In 1993 he presented the art world a video projection called 24 Hour Psycho – essentially Hitchcock's film slowed down to a whole day. As Gordon states in a Vice Interview: "I don't really like information to be shot straight into my eye – I always prefer it to the idea that you get it in some kind of third-hand way, because there is a softer lining to it." Another important example of his oeuvre is his sound installation Something Between My Mouth And Your Ear, for which he played 30 songs popular around his time of birth in an entirely blue room. In terms of multiples, Gordon produced neon installations such as Happy Hour in an edition of 24, each one timed at a different hour, as well as Tea For Two together with artist Jonathan Monk. Gordon has produced a wide range of prints on aluminium, portraits, offset lithographs, and pencil drawings, usually in series with minor variations between each individual piece. In 1996 Gordon won the Turner Price, and in 1997 he represented Britain at the Venice Biennale. Douglas Gordon lives and works in Berlin.

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