Fernando Bryce

Biography of Fernando Bryce

Fernando Bryce is one of the most lauded South American artists working today. His explorations into the grand narratives of the 20th century—through his ink-drawn reproductions of print media—are gracefully rendered and often in stark contrast to the subject matter.

Fernando Bryce works from all manner of political pamphlets, posters, newspapers, periodicals, and even official correspondence. Altogether they provide a fascinating and probing insight into cultural hegemony and historical revisionism. He calls this process "mimetic analysis", presenting the viewer with different points of view of the processes and events of modern history.

Fernando Bryce was born in Lima in 1965 and divides his time between there and Berlin. He exhibited at Manifesta 4 and is part of some of the most prominent collections around the world including ARCO Collection in Madrid and the Burger Collection in Hong Kong. His work is also featured in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York as well as Tate Modern in London. 

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