Frank Gehry

Biography of Frank Gehry

Star architect Frank Gehry has not only revolutionized building design but has focused his extraordinary mind on producing remarkable multiples and editions. Born into a Jewish family in Canada in 1929, Gehry's single-mindedness allied with his precocious talent were the perfect recipe for success. His use of unusual materials and an adoption of an unconventional aesthetic in both his architectural and art practice distinguish his unique approach. Gehry used the money made from a cardboard furniture line to alter his private residence in Santa Monica in California. This development kick-started Gehry's career and his private residence—where to this day he still resides— is now a popular tourist attraction in its own right. 


Frank Gehry has always sought collaborations and his work with Claes Oldenburg in 1991 produced the enormously popular Chiat/Day building in Venice, California, that famously features an enormous pair of binoculars. Throughout the 80s Gehry designed homes in southern California and his star continued to rise. Soon he had progressed to designing skyscrapers and high-concept buildings around America. He is now most renowned for his 1997 building in Bilbao, Spain, the sensational Guggenheim Museum. Although rooted in modernism, Gehry has gone against many of its aesthetic paradigms, ultimately, however, Gehry seeks to disrupt expectations with his distinctive style. 


It is an astonishing opportunity to be able to own a unique work by Frank Gehry who normally works on such a grand scale, each of the 12 Untitled, 2001 multiples are colored differently—making each piece unique. He has also produced an extensive collection of drawings and sketches of his architectural creations in the form of editions and multiples. Gehry has shown his reduced and simplified blueprints all over the world and a huge exhibition of his work opened at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2015 after its presentation at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2014. That same year he also had a dedicated exhibition in the Foundation Louis Vuitton.

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