Gerhard Merz

Biography of Gerhard Merz

Gerhard Merz (born 1947 in Mammendorf, DE) lives and works in Berlin and Pescia, Italy. Merz' career has been devoted to further developing, refining, and perfecting the major ideas of modernism. Merz decisively points out the difference between "art" and "life", a mentality opposed to that of young artists throughout the 20th century. Merz' works are experiments, arenas where he investigates perfection. To achieve this, he incorporates architecture into his work as a standard and a reference of meaning: he calls for a rigorous and exacting formal purity and a high complexity of ideas behind the forms. Merz is a painter, but his "paintings" are artistic interventions in space, composed of monochrome paintings, wall painting, typography, architectural fragments, and light.

Available Works: 2