Jonathan Monk

Biography of Jonathan Monk

Jonathan Monk's (born 1969 in Leicester, UK) activity as an artist has been perhaps the most vexing for traditionalists who seek an autograph signature on the part of an artist. Seemingly endless are Monk's citations of his predecessors, in works dedicated to Dan Flavin, Sol Lewitt, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, On Kawara, Alighiero Boetti, and others. Yet his own aesthetic and imprint emerges, emblazoned on the contemporary, relentlessly investigating the "now" in subjects ranging from the cellphone to the nature of facsimiles and intellectual copyright.

Jonathan Monk's projects include media and time-based works, analyses of museum structures, queries into the nature of the artistic process itself, and an exploration of the role of art history and artistic forbears. His materials include neon, paper, bronze, pencil or aluminum, among others. With keen insight into the nature of form, even at its most ephemeral, Monk's practice is one of the most vigorously intellectual today.

Available Works: 3