Peter Linde Busk

Biography of Peter Linde Busk

Peter Linde Busk's energetic works border on the abstract, giving expression to raw psychological states with bold lines and rough hashmarks. Dark fantastical creatures haunt the artist's pieces, reminiscent of art brut in their sinister naiveté. Playing on both a primitive and intellectual level, Peter Linde Busk also often references classical literary figures such as Don Quixote, adding another layer of complexity to his densely populated canvases and works on paper.


A student of the legendary Peter Doig at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, Peter Linde Busk takes an experimental approach to art production, delving deeply into new forms of painting and printmaking. He is known for gluing his canvases to the floor of his studio where they would accidentally be dripped on with paint or gather dust and other marks from the daily happenings in the artist’s workplace, thus impregnating the works with a sense of specificity and personal history. Peter Linde Busk is also known for exhibiting the wooden plates he uses to produce his woodcut prints as sculptural objects, repurposing the materials of his trade in new and unexpected ways.


Born in 1973 in Copenhagen, Peter Linde Busk has featured in numerous important art fairs including The Armory New York and ARCOmadrid, both in 2016. He has exhibited internationally and his work can be found in the Saatchi Collection, London, and the collection of Susan and Michael Hort, New York. Peter Linde Busk lives and works in Berlin. 

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