Peter Saville

Biography of Peter Saville

The artist Peter Saville has enjoyed enormous success as the designer of striking and at times controversial album covers for bands like Joy Division and Pulp. One of the few graphic designers to become a household name, Saville has gone on to be recognized as a successful artist and maker of editions and multiples. As a founding member of Factory Records in Manchester, Saville has remained uniquely connected to his hometown and even helped design the graphics for their Metrolink tram system.

Peter Saville first came to prominence in the 1970s for his groundbreaking design for Joy Division's album, Unknown Pleasures, still a design favorite adorning T-shirts around the world. Having led and co-founded various graphic design firms, Saville's creations have been in demand for over five decades, and he continues to produce contemporary album covers for bands like Suede and New Order.

Born in 1955 in Lancashire, UK, Peter Saville saw a connection between the New Typography of Tschichold and the New Wave sound that was emerging out of punk in the 70s. His distinctive and acerbic work has made him popular with fashion designers and saw him working with the likes of Kate Moss, Christian Dior, and Stella McCartney. In 2003, Saville was awarded a prestigious solo show at London's Design Museum. The retrospective entitled The Peter Saville Show honored his vast contribution to the field of art and design as well as firmly establishing him as one of the foremost graphic designers of his era. He regularly exhibits around the world and in 2008 curated a show in London with the artists Thomas Demand, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Jeremy Deller.

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