Regina Giménez

Biography of Regina Giménez

Born in 1966 in Barcelona, Regina Giménez is one of the most well-known artists of the contemporary Catalan and Spanish scene. Her style and subject matter constantly evolves but her work is always recognizable through her delicate use of geometry and clear fragmentation of pictorial elements. Regina Giménez collages colors, lines and architectural elements to create painterly and emotive canvases that highlight the fragility of the paper. 


Regina Giménez’s artistic practice was initiated with a focus on the imaginary world of industrial landscapes, disused warehouse buildings and lighthouses. She then moved onto depicting minimal and Bauhaus-style interiors where human shadows could be spotted lurking in corners. Her most recent works have concentrated on cosmology, using the structure of a map and repeating symbols to conduct a poetic approach to humanity’s relationships with space and time.


A utopian tone pervades Regina Giménez’s paintings, hinting at a nostalgia either for a period passed or for undiscovered territories. The use of muted color palettes and simplistic shapes hints at a child-like wonder, evoking a kind of dream state and adding a sense of mystery to her planet maps. Her abstract compositions are often reminiscent of Soviet Constructivist graphic works or even Joan Mirò’s surrealist works, making her paintings hard to locate in a contemporary time frame.


Regina Giménez lives and works in Spain and has had solo gallery exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, France and Belgium.  She is the winner of several prestigious prizes and since 1997 has exhibited yearly at the Madrid International Art Fair, ARCO.

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