Allan McCollum

Biography of Allan McCollum

The idiosyncratic work of Allan McCollum frequently uses the skill of craftsmen in his humor-infused art practice. Born in Los Angeles in 1944, McCollum applies strategies of mass production to handmade objects—such intricate labor raises questions about the role of the artist and the intrinsic value of the work of art.


Without a formal education as an artist McCollum initially set out to work in the theater or in restaurant management. He learnt about art by reading the writings of the Fluxus artists whilst he worked as a truck driver for an art handling company in West Hollywood. It was through this job that he met many museum curators and art collectors and first discovered the contemporary art world. 


Many of Allan McCollum's installations are made up of clusters of small-scale works that appear identical but are in fact made up of a large number of minimal gestures. The effect of which can be quite staggering when viewed as a whole. McCollum is an artist who relishes the experience of working and collaborating. His economic yet intriguing works are humble, but never fail to draw the viewer in.


Allan McCollum has exhibited all over the world, including over 100 solo shows. He has been involved in major exhibitions at the Musée d'art moderne et contemporain, Geneva, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, MoMA and the Guggenheim Museum, all in New York. McCollum still lives and works in New York and created a livre d'artiste that is stunningly original and truly bears the stamp of this fine artist.

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