Liam Gillick

Biography of Liam Gillick

Liam Gillick (born 1964 in Aylesbury, UK) works in a whole range of different media. His art does not simply consist of spacious installations, graphically complex texts, and minimalist objects. He also publishes full-length books, composes film music, arranges exhibitions and produces architectural designs. The parallelism of his work is crucial. On the one hand his projects are a manifestation of free artistic expression; on the other, they are applied art with a clearly defined practical purpose. Between the two spheres of activity, he creates for himself a space for discourse on a wide variety of subjects.

Liam Gillick's aesthetic philosophy transcends the separation between pure theory and simple practicality, and that between poetic fiction and empirical fact. Gillick uses the forms and the materials of abstract art and of the Minimal Art of the sixties as tools to show to which degree our worldwide economic system has become even more abstract than the art of the same name. The artist lives and works in London and New York.

Available Works: 6