Mr. Brainwash

Biography of Mr. Brainwash

Internationally renowned Mr. Brainwash is an enigma. Thierry Guetta (b. 1966), previously an L.A.-based shop keeper and videographer, became captivated with street art in 1990s France. After filming the world’s greatest street artists at work such as his cousin Invader, Shepard Fairey and Banksy, he decided, with Banksy’s encouragement, to host his first exhibition “Life is Beautiful” under the pseudonym Mr. Brainwash. Banksy’s Oscar-nominated documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” was centered around his artistic evolution and rise to fame.


Mr. Brainwash characteristically re-appropriates iconic imagery through subtle, often playful, alterations. He believes that “art has no rules” and has developed his own form of “graffiti hybrid”, bringing together Pop Art and Street Art. Producing multiples is a key element of street art, whereby stencils are used to reproduce variations on an idea across cities, countries and even continents. Mr. Brainwash has brought street art imagery to paper, using silk-screen printing methods that resonate with stenciling to reproduce his work in series of editions.

Available Works: 6