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Biography of Robert Bösch

Intrepid and with a peerless eye, Robert Bösch will stop at nothing to get the image he desires. Combining his two professions as a mountaineer and photographer, Bösch is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to capture nature’s finest landscapes.


Graduating from the University of Zurich with an M.A. in geography, Robert Bösch went on to work as a freelance photographer. Specializing in documenting the wonder of the great outdoors, his work has been featured in notable magazines including the National Geographic, Spiegel, and Stern. His photography, both black and white and in color, is starkly beautiful and usually devoid of humans or their influence on the landscape. He has described his quest for the perfect image as being like a hunt “in search of an animal”. To achieve what he wants he had to rid himself of “habits and preconceptions” and be on the move.


Robert Bösch’s mountaineer career has allowed him to travel all seven continents, climbing many of the world’s most famous mountains. Memorably in 2001 he climbed Mount Everest, documenting the many trials and tribulations on his way. He has published numerous photographic books such as Mountaineering – The Temptation of The Unknown which earned him the international mountaineering book prize. He has also made reportages on numerous other subjects including hydroelectric power stations and railways.


Bösch was a close friend of the recently deceased alpinist Ueli Steck—one of the greatest climbers of all time. Bösch is one of the few photographers alive whose skills as a mountaineer enabled him to document Switzerland’s astounding ascents. In 2009 Robert Bösch won the Eiger Special Award for his life’s work in the alpine photography section. With interest in his artwork growing steadily, the photographer has exhibited both in and outside his home country of Switzerland. 

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