Ruby Anemic

Biography of Ruby Anemic

Irreverent, satiric and often mischievous, Ruby Anemic takes a wry and confrontational look at contemporary consumerist culture. Working with language in neon, photography, and in mixed media assemblages, Ruby Anemic forces the viewer to examine their beliefs, by taking common phrases and rendering them in undermining or sardonic settings.


Ranging from found objects, dollar bills, canvas, and video, his varied practice is always surprising and urges us to reconsider our role in what he considers to be a bizarre and hypocritical society. Ruby Anemic’s artwork lends itself to the plethora of interpretations that each viewer will bring to it, forcing an intuitive response as well as providing a thrilling lens with which to view the world.


Born in 1975, Ruby Anemic, who is based in Berlin, is well-connected on the contemporary street art scene. He has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and America. In 2015 he was in the group show “Common Ground: Air” at the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection in Istanbul, Turkey and in 2010 participated in the show “Bilder über Bilder” at the MUMOK Museum in Vienna.

Available Works: 2

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