Andrea Büttner’s latest exhibition at the Kunsthalle Wien seeks to make the “gesture” of the mobile phone swipe into an expression. Using old and new technologies, Büttner has captured the unique traces her fingers made on a smartphone during various online searches and transposed these into color etchings. Created with analog as well as digital methods, these pictures are reminiscent of gestural painting.

Additionally, a series of woodcuts by Büttner entitled Beggars depict shrouded figures with pleading hands. Following on from the artist’s ongoing investigations into the presentation of poverty in visual art, these works communicate the external and inner feelings experienced by the individual.

Born in Stuttgart in 1972, the artist, Andreas Büttner explores the tensions between outer and inner life and the conflicts in cultural and social contexts.

Andrea Büttner's exhibition “Beggars and iPhones”, will run from the 8th of June to the 18th of September 2016.