Georg Baselitz
The Städel Museum, Frankfurt, June 30th through to October 23rd, 2016

Undisputedly one of the most influential painters of our time, Baselitz is exhibiting his dramatic and contradictory Heroes series at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt. These monumental and defiant works, made during an astonishing period of productivity for the painter in 1965-66, are now viewed as a landmark moment in German art.

Focusing on issues centered around heroism, questions first brought to the fore by the war and its aftermath, Baselitz revealed a contrasting story to the one propounded by the economic powerhouse that was the German Federal Republic in the 1960s. However, Baselitz did not limit himself to a mere focus on general social issues, but on his own role in relation to society, bringing a forceful assertion of the self and of identity during that problematic time. The exhibition is schedule to travel on through Europe. There is also just enough time to catch the well-received “Wir fahren aus”—a major exhibition of completely new work at the White Cube in Bermondsey, London, which ends on the 3rd of July. To view Baselitz works available to buy on fineartmultiple please click here.  

David Hockney
Royal Academy of Arts, London, July 2nd through to October 2nd, 2016

Britain’s best loved artist is back with an exhibition of new works at the Royal Academy in London. Each of the 83 portraits were made in his L.A. studio, and include portraits of Larry Gagosian, Frank Gehry, John Baldessari and even his studio manager. Each portrait reveals the sitter in the same chair surrounded by a subtly changing blue background. Hockney always intended the works to be finished in just three days, intending to exhibit them all as a single work. The fast pace of Hockney’s work is evident in some of the portraits, revealing the artist’s interest in how much or how little work is required to obtain the semblance of a likeness. Despite this self-imposed deadline Hockney’s virtuoso handling of paint enables the personalities to quite literally leap off the canvas.

This looks set to be a summer filled with Hockney’s typically bold and vibrant color as an exhibition of his iPad drawings opens at the Annely Juda Fine Art gallery in London, running from June the 28th to the 19th of August, 2016. To view works available by David Hockney on fineartmultiple please click here.

David Hockney, Right: David Hockney, John Baldessari, 2013, Oil on canvas 

Rachel Harrison
MoMA, New York, May 19th through to September 5th, 2016

MoMa first acquired Rachel Harrison's extraordinary work, Perth Amboy, back in 2011 but until now it has never had the chance to exhibit it. Now finally, the room-sized work that encapsulates the artist’s cross-disciplinary approach to making art is available for all to see. Consisting of individual sculptures, photographs, and a cardboard labyrinth, the installation is named after a place in New Jersey where it is claimed the figure of the Virgin Mary was spotted in an upstairs window. The work deals with notions of looking and seeing, factors of course integral to any experience of art.

A limited edition of Rachel Harrison’s can also be viewed at the exhibition “In Tune With the Theme” which runs from June the 9th to October the 8th in Zurich. Showcasing multiples made through Parkett, Harrison’s exuberant portrait of Prince is on display, paying tribute to one of American’s most eccentric talents. This work by Rachel Harrison is available on fineartmultiple and can be viewed here.  

Laure Prouvost, We would be floating away from the dirty past, 2015, Right: Rachel Harrison, Wardrobe Malfunction, 2008    

 Laure Prouvost
Beijing Red Brick Art Museum, May 28th through to August 28th, 2016

The celebrated French artist, Laure Prouvost, is staging her first solo exhibition in China at the Beijing Red Brick Art Museum. The exhibition entitled “Laure Prouvost: Into All That is Here” highlights the now global reach of this highly original artist known for her lush, immersive films and mixed-media installations.

The Turner Prize winning artist is also still on show at the annual art commission at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Revealing the artist’s imaginative flair and sense of humor, her exhibition “We would be floating away from the dirty past” engages with the institution itself and the Middle Hall’s architecture. Raising the Hall’s marble floor in an incongruous and startling manner, Prouvost has placed in front of it a metal figure holding a mop. Written across its constructed face are the words “We have been waiting for you to arrive for so long.” This is typical of Prouvost who likes to address viewers directly, pulling them into her unruly, imaginative visions. To view works by Laure Prouvost available on fineartmultiple click here.