We are delighted to announce that AXA Innovation Campus in collaboration with AXA ART have become the latest investors in fineartmultiple AG. We are honored that a company with such experience and prestige has decided to become a part of our online revolution.

“Our aim”, explains Johannes Dick, co-founder of the AXA Innovation Campus and Head of Corporate Development at AXA Germany, “is to be where our discerning clientele are to be found. This also means breaking new ground.”

fineartmultiple provides a fully-integrated marketplace, allowing galleries, museums, and private individuals to sell works of art online, whilst outsourcing administrative tasks related to transportation, insurance, tax, and customs matters.

With our focus on price-transparency, high-quality curated content, and above all the guarantee of providing only certified original artworks, our partnership with AXA ART—a company that has been around for more than 50 years and a byword for quality and assurance—is a perfect fit. We are convinced that this will be hugely beneficial to both companies in the ever-expanding and exciting possibilities of the eCommerce market.

“fineartmultiple provides buyers and collectors with access to works by excellent artists with proof of authenticity”, explains Roman Maria Koidl, founder of the platform. “We have the 500 most important artists, so that everyone can find an artwork to suit them—from a Lawrence Weiner for under 100 Euros through to 10 silk banners by Mike Kelley for over 200,000 US Dollars.”

fineartmultiple has been rapidly increasing its network of collectors and art enthusiasts from around the world, whilst pioneering new digital technologies. That dedicated pursuit of innovation will only further the prospects for AXA ART, a 100% subsidiary of AXA Konzern AG, and AXA S.A., one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services groups.

“We are very happy to have taken this step”, explains Kai Kuklinski, Global CEO AXA ART. “With this partnership we are continuing to pursue our innovative approach and we are opening up new opportunities for our clients worldwide.”

AXA ART and fineartmultiple share a joint passion with their clients for top class works of art and always provide great customer service. With AXA ART behind us, we are now ready for the next stage in our exciting online project.

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