David Shrigley’s sculpture MEMORIAL has been chosen to be the next installation at the Doris C. Freedman Plaza in Central Park, New York. Shrigley’s 5-meter-high granite sculpture will have a shopping list engraved on its surface and will be on view from September 8th, 2016 through to February 26th, 2017.

Organized by the Public Art Fund, the curator of the project Emma Enderby has been quoted as saying: “Public monuments are familiar features of parks and plazas across the world and enable communities to celebrate, remember, or pay homage to great endeavors or individuals. In MEMORIAL, however, David has chosen to celebrate one of the most familiar acts in many of our daily lives: the jotting down of a grocery list. By memorializing a list in this way, the work pays homage both to no-one and to everyone—it’s a simple ode to humanity.”

Shrigley’s public sculpture in Central Park will coincide with his Fourth Plinth Commission in London’s Trafalgar Square which will be unveiled on September 29th. This will feature a 3-meter-high bronze sculpture of a thumbs up gesture. The 2013 Turner Prize nominee will be exhibiting at the 13 Lyon Biennale running from the 20th September through to 31st December 2017.  

David Shrigley’s sculpture in Central Park will be on view from the 8th September through to the 26th February 2016.