„Art in itself, buying art, and owning it should be a source of joy!“Lala Moebius

Having worked for several international galleries and museums, Lala Moebius decided she wanted to collaborate more closely with artists and thus PHOTO ART LALAMOEBIUS was born. She tells us about making the art world less intimidating to the casual collector and the advances in photographic technology.

Lala, after various stints in galleries and museums you have now founded a platform for fine art photography. Where does your passion for photography come from?
The craftsmanship and techniques of photography fascinate me! I see photography as an elegant fusion of precision and restraint. It’s the kind of art that I can easily surround myself with for a very long time.

Left: Artworks by Taryn Simon and Helena Petersen. Right: A piece by David Bailey. Images: © Juliane Spaete

Lala with a work by one of the artists she represents Hannah Herzberg. Image: © Juliane Spaete

So the decision to create a platform for fine art photography was a fairly straightforward one?
Exactly. Things just took their natural course. I don’t only work with classical photographers; many artists develop their own techniques based on photography. I enjoy discovering new artists and take great pleasure in connecting them with collectors through their pieces.

Pieces by José Romussi. Image: © Juliane Spaete

Vanessa Beecroft's works in the Neue Nationalgalerie. Image: © Juliane Spaete

How did the Berlin art scene respond to your first exhibition Photo Art Volume I?
The opening on January 22nd 2016 was great. 30 works by five artists were on show—and only for that one weekend. It was intended as an experiment and worked out very well! The artists would engage into an exciting exchange with the visitors. I found this very productive and valuable. I was especially happy about all the young art buyers we had come in. Inhibitions surrounding art are gradually decreasing — this is definitely one of my objectives. In this particular field there is a very wide price range. Young art enthusiasts often buy limited editions between 300€ and 1,000€ whilst seasoned collectors and big company collections will acquire unique works in the five figures.

Piece by José Romussi. Image: © Juliane Spaete

When and where will your next exhibition take place?
PHOTOART VOLUME II, featuring Dennis Busch, Micha Otto, Fiona Struengmann, Diane Vincent, will be on from the 28th—30 October 2016, in Berlin and will travel on to other cities. The idea of a short, concentrated presentation in a single weekend works very well. The atmosphere and the energy are incredible. This exhibition series is a vital part of my work—for artists and buyers alike!

There are so many galleries in Berlin. What makes the way you relate to artists and buyers special?
Accessibility, flexibility, reliability – and most importantly: I relate on a very personal level to both artists and buyers. I think it’s important to have an easygoing approach to art, which is why I also organize studio visits where artists and interested parties can get together. Art in itself, buying art, and owning it should be a source of joy!

Left: Artwork by Robert Frank. Right: Mike Nelson's nail piece. Image: © Juliane Spaete

Artwork by Bettina Rheims. Images: © Juliane Spaete

How do you find new artists? 
In different ways: I receive applications, I get personal recommendations, I discover new artists in exhibitions, and I also often find works online that strike a chord with me.

What kind of artists do you represent? Is there a common denominator?
They are all artists who work with photographic techniques. Every work is of the highest quality both in terms of craftsmanship and artistic standards. And finally: the aesthetic quality of the works has to touch me.

On the left we see Birgit Brenner's work and on the right Regina Schneider. Image: © Juliane Spaete

Are there any recent discoveries you would like to tell us about?
My personal discoveries include Katharina Ira Allenberg, Hannah Herzberg, Helena Petersen, and Julian Slagman. Next I’ll be presenting a Munich-based artist with really wonderful works.

What’s your most recent acquisition?
The newest work in my collection is also a photograph — a starry sky by Thomas Ruff, a truly magical image.

Lala with a photograph by Juliane Späte. Image: © Juliane Spaete


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Interview by Juliane Spaete